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Conference fee is 4000 din (50 €) to be paid at the conference desk,
or by  sending to account No.


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Please, write an abstract in English (1 page) following the instructions in the sample files (sfkm.dot or sfkm.tex). Make a pdf file (printing version do not reduce pictures resolution) and submit the file following the web link given bellow.

If you could not on-line submit the paper, please send a file by E-mail to sfkm@ff.bg.ac.yu

More information about style and writing instructions could be found at the AIP proceedings style page.

MS Word users - Download a sample file sfkm.dot and follow the instructions in the file. 
Editing hints: use Copy Paste Special options rather than Copy Paste; use the AIP bar from the toolbar.

LaTeX users - Download and extract sfkmTeX.zip package in arbitrary directory. Edit the sfkm.tex following the instructions from the file and make a pdf file.  It is possible to download a complete TEX/LATEX installation from CTAN, or Miktex + Winedit + Ghostview. Finally, it is also possible to download a CDROM image of the TEX-live CD from CTAN (roughly 300MB): search for texlive (and make sure you select a suitable mirror near you). 

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July 15, 2007- Abstract submission
& registration
July 15, 2007 - Paper submission

Abstract submission: on-line.
Paper submission: on-line, 4p max.
Proceedings will be distributed to participants at the beginning of the Conference.