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Focused sessions
1. Nanostructures and Low-dimensional Systems
2. Superconductivity, Magnetism and Strongly Correlated Systems
3. Soft Matter
4. Semiconductors 
5. Optics and Spectroscopy
6. Experimental Methods, Instruments, and Applied Condensed Matter Physics

Z. V. Popovic, IF Belgrade
M. Damnjanovic, FF Belgrade
Z. Radovic, FF Belgrade
Scientific committee:
Organizing committee:
I. Bozovic, BNL USA
L. Forro, EPFL Switzerland
M. Kulic, M. Planck Germany
B. Tadic, J. Stefan Slovenia
V. Srdanov, Uni. di Milano Italy
B. Babic-Stojic, INN Vinca
N. Bibic, INN Vinca
R. Gajic, IF Belgrade
D. Kapor, PMF Novi Sad
M. Knezevic, FF Belgrade
M. J. Konstatinovic, IF Belgrade
V. Milanovic, ETF Belgrade
I. Milosevic, FF Belgrade
S. Milosevic, FF Belgrade
M. Milovanovic, IF Belgrade
N. Romcevic, IF Belgrade
F. Vukajlovic, INN Vinca
Lj. Zekovic, FF Belgrade
R. Zikic, IF Belgrade (chairman)
M. Savic, FF Belgrade (secretary)
D. Tanaskovic, IF Belgrade
E. Dobardzic, FF Belgrade
I. Savic, Serbian Physical Society

The Conference will be Held in Hotel "Srbija" - Vrsac

Deadlines: July 15, 2007.
Abstract submission: on-line.
Paper submission: on-line, 4p max.
Proceedings will be distributed to participants at the beginning of the Conference.