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Vrsac - Basic Facts

Situated at the foot of the Vrsac Mountains, with the fresh air from the woods and the smell of vineyards coming down, Vrsac is a cultural, tourist, and business centre of southeast Vojvodina. Numerous old buildings of different styles, churches and cultural institutions have preserved the tradition of one of the oldest towns in Serbia.

You can find more about town on the official web site of Vršac.

Vrsac - Hotels

Hotel "Srbija" in Vršac – a hotel with three stars, of modern architectural look, with many facilities. The capacity of the Hotel is 186 beds, one half is luxuriously equipped – every room is air-conditioned, with TV, telephone and all the other things, necessary for a pleasant stay of its guests. The Hotel has a good restaurant and a large parking lot. It is located in the town centre.

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Vrsac - Travel

Vršac, one of the oldest towns of Banat, is situated on the south-east edge of the Panonian plain, at the foot of the Vršac mountains. It lies 83km north-east of Belgrade on the international highway to Romania, which is 14km farther.

- Bus: Belgrade - Vršac: 5.30-23.30 every hour; Vršac - Belgrade: 5.55-21.35 every hour


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